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In a time when it would seem ludicrous to release a mainstream movie without a Blu-Ray offering, the opposite is often true of television. While huge hits like Lost or Modern Family generally receive both Blu-Ray and DVD releases, large hits like Criminal Minds or modest hits like Archer stand no chance of seeing Blu. That is, unless interest means a change of heart for a Home Entertainment branch, which is exactly what is happening with Fox Home Entertainment and Archer.

While Fox is preparing teaser promos for Season 3 of Archer, the Home Entertainment division is sifting through the show’s back catalog and re-releasing the title for Blu-Ray buyers. Archer: Season 1 Blu-Ray will street on September 13th. If you can’t wait for the title, you can preorder it on Amazon.

Unfortunately HD prices don’t always mean extra effort with bonus features. If you already own Season 1, springing for the Blu-Ray won’t really be worth it. Special features look the same, including the original, unaired Archer Pilot, a “Making Of” featurette, and deleted scenes.

Maybe the release is simply a result of fan requests, and maybe the release marks a change in trends. Programs like Entourage that began as DVD-only releases in later seasons did begin offering Blu-Ray copies for later seasons. Hopefully, Fox’s initiative will spread to other modestly popular releases. I know my HD-loving TV is on board.