Fox’s The Simpsons is turning 25 next year, and plenty of guest stars have signed on to commemorate the event. If we’re being honest, The Simpsons has always been great about utilizing guest appearances from famous celebrities, but if 25 years means extra new names, I’m all in. On Wednesday, it was determined that Arrested Development and Up All Night actor Will Arnett will guest star in a Season 25 episode of the long-running animated comedy.

TV Line first got wind of the news and learned a few details about the character Arnett will portray on the series. According to the outlet, Arnett is signed on to play Detective Graham, an FBI agent who comes to Springfield in order to locate Homer, who has apparently been caught downloading a movie illegally. In a nod to System of a Down’s Steal This Album! and Abbie Hoffman’s Steal This Book, the episode will be titled “Steal This Movie.” Arnett's episode is currently scheduled for December.

Humorously, the news has broken just a week after TorrentFreak editor Ernesto Van Der Sar announced that Arnett’s big Netflix comedy, Arrested Development, was pirated more than 100,000 times during its first day. That’s not a ton when compared to, say, Game of Thrones or Dexter, but it did make headlines, and makes Arnett’s choice of character on The Simpsons all the more fitting. Other guest stars set to join episodes in Season 25 include Kristen Wiig and Stan Lee. We'll keep you posted as Fox continues adding names for Season 25.

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