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Arrow Is Bringing Back Another Villain, Here's What We Know

Arrow Season 4 has seen the crimefighting team taking on major antagonists, from Damien Darhk to The Calculator. However, other than Malcolm Merlyn, no major villains from previous seasons have appeared. Not that any members of Team Arrows are complaining, considering what they’re already dealing with, but for fans, it’s always fun to see familiar faces, even if they’re villainous. Next month, viewers will be reunited with Green Arrow’s stalker, Cupid.

Amy Gumenick will reprise the antagonistic archer in Episode 16, titled “Broken Hearts.” Comic Book Resources didn’t have any other details about her appearance, but the announcement was well-timed, as Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. This will be Cupid’s fourth appearance on Arrow, following three episodes in Season 3, as well as two chapters of the digital comic series The Flash: Season Zero. Gumenick is also known for her work on Supernatural and TURN: Washington's Spies.


Cupid, a.k.a. Carrie Cutter, debuted at the end of “Guilty” to kill Isaac Stanzler, Wildcat’s former protege. As she continued her killing spree in “Draw Back Your Bow,” fans learned that Carrie was originally a Starling City police officer who was sent to therapy after becoming obsessed with a colleague and was diagnosed with attachment disorder. After The Arrow saved her from one of Deathstroke’s Mirakuru-enhanced soldiers, Carrie grew obsessed with him and began practicing archery.

Once she got good enough with a bow and collected enough information on the Emerald Archer, she began killing criminals to get his attention and prove her “love.” After Oliver didn’t show any interest in Cupid, she angrily tried to kill him by handcuffing him to a train track and standing with him to carry out a murder-suicide. When he escaped and saved her, her infatuation with him returned, even after she was turned over to ARGUS.

She returned in “Suicidal Tendencies” with Floyd Lawton, a.k.a. Deadshot, as one of the Suicide Squad members accompanying Diggle and Lyla on a mission. When Lawton saved Cupid from being shot, she transferred her obsession to him (much to his chagrin) and was devastated when he was caught in an explosion. Since the Suicide Squad has been sidelined on Arrow due to the upcoming movie, it’s unlikely we’ll see Cupid going on any dangerous missions for the government. It’s also unclear whether she’s still being held by ARGUS or somehow got out and is operating on her own. If it’s the latter, then Oliver’s going to have a handful dealing with not just her continued advances, but whatever trouble she’s causing as a way to please her “lover.”

New episodes of Arrow air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

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