Oliver Queen spends most of his time fighting Starling City's biggest business men but, in the process, he's also come face to face with a few comic-book based villains. The hero has battled popular DC characters like Deadshot, Deathstroke and China White during Arrow's short time on The CW, not to mention taking on The Royal Flush Gang when "Legacies" airs in just a few hours, and now the network has lined up a version of Vertigo as a foe for sometime near season's end.

Already being billed as Arrow's “deadliest adversary to date,” TVline also reports that former Fringe cast-member Seth Gabel will be playing the series' very different incarnation of the DC character. Before getting into just how far the series plans to deviate from the source material in bringing Vertigo to life, it's worth noting just how great a get Gabel is for any show. I thoroughly enjoyed his time as (both) Lincoln Lee(s) on the Fox scion-fiction series and won't go into detail to save any late-comers from possible spoilers. Really, you should be watching Fringe but that's besides the point.

Back to the aforementioned 'deviations' from DC for Arrow's upcoming depiction of Count Vertigo. First, his name won't actually be Vertigo but that will instead refer to the drugs the villain formerly known as Vertigo will be peddling to Starling City. He's no longer a Count from Vlatava either but probably some gritty and realistic drug dealer. Sarcasm aside, I can't say I really blame them for not including an Eastern European-inspired Count as a villain and in a way it's quite clever to use his name as a drug since he's known for his ability to disorientate his opponents. And we all know about Thea's penchant for pills, so this could get really personal.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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