It's been over a month since Arrow was last seen fighting crime on the small-screen and the wait has been torturous after the way things were left hanging in "Three Ghosts." Forget that Barry Allen turned into The Flash, the mid-season finale also saw Roy get a dose of the mirakuru, Cyrus Gold go all Solomon Grundy, Oliver save Sara over Shado, and Slade truly become Deathstroke. Oh, and the super-powered mercenary has been the one supplying Sebastian 'Brother' Blood with the serum. So, yeah, the stakes are pretty high coming into "Blast Radius."

5. The Flash
Remember how I said to forget about Barry Allen? Well, now forget about that because it turns out his character, albeit in name only, still played a pretty big part in "Blast Radius." It turns out -- thanks to a tip from Bethany Snow at Channel 52 -- that it's been five weeks since the particle accelerator blast at S.T.A.R. Labs caused lighting to strike down the future Flash. And apparently he's been down this whole time, lying comatose in a Central City hospital with Felicity sitting by his side. I guess he's in no hurry to wake up. Had to, sorry. Her absence from the team is also a point of contention in the episode since she wasn't there to respond to Shrapnel's first attack.

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