After the fall at the end of ”The Climb,” Team Arrow was forced to try and save the city last week without the eponymous hero and there were more than a few missteps. Like letting the big-bad get away, for one. Good news though, Oliver Queen isn't actually dead. What a shock! Right? Right?!

To be fair, the way he was 'brought back' was a little surprising, because fans of the DCU were definitely expecting his resurrection would involve a Lazarus Pit. And that's the bad thing about expectations; they can sometimes lead to disappointment. I wanted that Lazarus Pit! Oh well, maybe next year. Even though the crime-fighter’s been ‘resurrected,’ he’s still not back in time for the fight in “Midnight City”...

Brick House
As I said in the intro, the B-Team let Vinnie Jones' Danny 'Brick' Brickwell get away last week, so he and his henchmen from Iron Heights are still causing trouble in Starling City. Laurel is doing her best to fill Sara's suit, but let's face it, she's no Black Canary. And while we're at it, Arsenal is no Arrow. Or should I say Red Arrow is no Green Arrow, even with his quiver of tricks. Did you catch the shout-out to the young crime-fighter's full-on superhero moniker? That was pretty rad.

Dig is doing his best to keep it all together, even breaking out the vodka for the deflated sidekick trying to be a superhero, but he's not just out an Oliver; Felicity decided to stop doing her whole Oracle thing after hearing, well, seeing the results of the duel. Once she sees Bethany Snow’s broadcast of Arsenal and Canary's blunders on Channel 52, Felicity visits Laurel and ends up being so inspired that she reforms the B-Team to prevent Brick from completely taking over the Glades. And Laurel's coming along. I liked the trick she pulled in the interrogation room, threatening to send the henchman to Belle Reve. The chirp-chirp of her explosive was also a nice touch.

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