After the shocking conclusion to last week’s episode, it’s not surprising that “The Fallen” was heavy on the emotions and light on the DCU easter eggs. No villain-of-the-week and no crossovers or team-ups; just Team Arrow trying to deal with a dying Thea. Oh, and the flashbacks. It wouldn’t be Arrow without flashbacks.

I wonder if the writers actually want to include flashbacks every week or they just feel handcuffed to the structure after using it for two-plus seasons? I could probably do without them at this point, even though they occasionally offer up characters as cool as Tatsu. It’s great to watch her kick-ass with her katana, but the scenes in Hong Kong have not been as exciting as the flashbacks of seasons past, and that’s saying something since the sequences have never been particularly inspired. This week picked up right where “Broken Arrow” left off with Oliver, Tatsu and Maseo trying to recover the bio-weapon (a.k.a. the Alpha and Omega) before General Matthew Shrieve uses it in some sort of false flag operation. Or something. It’s hard to care. Even when the weapon burst, my reaction was ‘huh.’ At this point, I’m just hoping the Creature Commandos show up.

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