The Arrow third season premiere was titled "The Calm" but we might have caught a bit of 'the storm' by episode's end. Or middle. Actually, where was the calm? Things were kind of stormy right from the opening chase. To be fair, it was relatively calm before the date blowing (up) bomb but after that, it was bombshell after bombshell. Babies were born, 'birds' died and, as usual, a lot of references to the DCU were made. It's nice to have Arrow back.

The Past
Even though it happened near the end of the episode, the The Flash premiere was last night so Barry Allen's appearance is technically from the past and I wanted to get the Flash cameo out of the way early since he already had his hour in the spotlight this week. As for the actual flashbacks, Hong Kong replaced Lian Yu as the setting for Oliver's ongoing 'training' with A.R.G.U.S. agent Amanda Waller (aka Mockingbird) using him for unknown errands. As long as it doesn't involve them saying mirakuru every two minutes. The family that Oliver eventually finds himself staying should be familiar to comic-book fans with Karl Yune playing Maseo Yamashiro and The Wolverine's Rila Fukushima playing his wife Tatsu. Don't follow that link if you want to keep her story a mystery. Before leaving the past for the present, it's worth noting that Ollie made reference to two of his previous girlfriends, both Sara (who made a, uh, surprise appearance in the premiere) and Helena. The latter would made a great candidate for The CW's third superhero series.

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