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To this point in the show, pretty much everyone on Team Arrow has gotten their chance to throw on their own super suit – and it seems that David Ramsey’s chance is finally coming in Arrow Season 4. This was officially confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con this evening, where brand new concept art of Diggle’s new costume was revealed.

Sadly, the concept art is not officially available online just yet, but fortunately I’m currently sitting in Hall H in the San Diego Convention Center and got to see the costume design for myself. Shown up on the large monitors that hang down from the ceiling above the 6,500 chairs in the large auditorium, the costume design is admittedly pretty basic. In the next season of Arrow, Diggle will apparently be sporting a black helmet, with a visor that comes down over his face. The rest of the costume is basically what looks like a black motorcycle outfit, complete with a black leather jacket (which does look like it’d be at least helpful in a knife fight). It wasn’t revealed if the character will be getting a superhero name to go with his superhero costume, but David Ramsey joked that he’ll be called “Black Driver.”

We’ve been hearing rumors for a couple of months now that Diggle might be upgrading his status on Arrow to superhero levels, but some fans were expecting a much bigger announcement to be made today at San Diego Comic-Con. Thanks to a reference towards Ferris Airfield and an incident involving a pilot that was made in the finale of last season, there was speculation floated that wondered if there was any possibility that Diggle could potentially become the cosmic superhero known as Green Lantern. Clearly that’s not happening – though one has to wonder if there’s still any kind of possibility for the Emerald Knight to still find his way on to the CW series.

Throughout the show, Diggle has come a long way, and David Ramsey was evidently insistent that he get some kind of special costume in the next season. When the character was first introduced, he was merely Oliver Queen’s bodyguard, not knowing that the Starling City billionaire was actually moonlighting as an arrow-shooting vigilante. Since then he’s not only become an integral part of not only Team Arrow, but also even a non-villain member of the Suicide Squad. Now it seems he’s taking the next step in development, and it will be interesting to see how it comes together.

What do you think about this new costume design for Diggle? Are you disappointed that he’s not going to become Green Lantern? Hit the comments section below with your thoughts on the matter.

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