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Last night on Ascension, we saw the facade of the U.S.S. Ascension begin to crack, as the death of Lorelai Wright shook the crew and citizens aboard the floating city in space. As if that wasn't bad enough, we found out that the whole floating in space thing was a huge lie... a lie big enough that someone might be killing to keep it that way. While last night was a bit uneven, tonight's events were explosive in every sense of the word.

Perhaps the biggest reveals from tonight's installment of Ascension involve not only Harris confirming that there's been genetic experimentation going on in the labs of the Ascension, but that one of the ulterior motives of the project has been to keep the best and the brightest minds of the 1960's working in a sort of intellectual vacuum. Technology and history have developed at a different pace. After all, fifty years on Ascension gave us terraforming, “video carts,” and cobalt generators... all within the first six years of the mission.

Naturally, Harris is extremely protective of his “fifedom.” So much so that he tries to manipulate Samantha Krueger (Lauren Lee Smith,) the new investigator that's been assigned by the higher ups. So not only does the Ascension have its detractors among those that live on its decks, but it also has forces outside of the walls that would love nothing more than to either shut the project down, or worse – take it away from Harris.

Of course, there still has to be an Ascension for anyone to try and achieve either goal. Judging by those who are trying to sabotage the station, via specially rigged cobalt generator bombs, it's even money that the entire operation might get blown out of the stars. Within the first ten minutes of Night Two, we saw the Terriforming Lab and the cooling units of Ascension attacked, and then quickly covered up to prevent public panic. Which frankly fools no one, and only puts the rumor mill on full blast. But it's something that threatens the powers of Captain William Denniger and his wife Viondra.

As if recent history wasn't enough of a threat, Ascension has to compete with the memory of Launch Day 31... the night that Aaron Gault and Ophelia (Rachel Crawford) were both scarred by the explosion that also killed Lorelai Wright's father. An event that also entailed an explosion of a cobalt generator.

Yet after all of the events that Ascension has incurred upon its dramatic personae at this point, it managed to play one trump card by revealing the full extent of Christa Valis' powers. Not only is Christa able to see history as it actually is in our world; she also has psychokinetic powers.

So one of Ascension's youngest passengers has the most power to take down the entire infrastructure. Especially since she's not only figured out that the injections of Ascension's innoculation program were tampered with, but that Robert Bryce is Harris Enzemann's inside man on the Ascension. Oh, and he's also the murderer of Lorelai Wright.

“Night Two” was a marked improvement over “Night One,” with “Night Three” being the ultimate clincher. Ascension wraps its successful miniseries event tomorrow night with Christa being labeled as the key to Ascension's worth, Krueger revealing to Stokes (Brad Carter) that Ascension hasn't left Earth, and the whole fate of the crew and citizens of the experimental ship hang in the balance.

Come back tomorrow night and watch the exciting finally of Syfy's Ascension! Or you can watch all three installments in a binge session starting at 5:30 PM ET tomorrow.

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