If you’re a fan of BBC’s Being Human and you’ve been waiting for the chance to watch the latest season stateside, there’s good news. BBC America is set to start airing it next month. Spoilers ahead (but we’ll give you fair warning before we get to those!)

Not to be confused with the new Syfy/Space adaptation by the same name, BBC’s Being Human just premiered its third season (or series if we’re talking U.K. TV lingo) this week. The show follows a group of friends living together and trying to lead normal lives despite being a vampire, a ghost or a werewolf. If you’re caught up on Seasons 1 and 2, you only have to wait until February to catch the premiere of the new season as the first episode premiere on February 19th.

Now for the spoilers, here are the official (and very detailed) descriptions for the first two episodes of Season 3 of Being Human (U.K.). If you're averse to spoilers, turn back now!

Episode 1
Having fled their lives in Bristol, our supernatural friends find themselves in Wales looking for a safe haven in which to continue their under-the-radar existence. With Annie stuck in Purgatory, Mitchell, George and Nina are desperate to get her back. Mitchell crosses into the Afterlife where he meets his guide, Lia, a flirtatious young woman who leads him through Purgatory, making him revisit the crime scenes from his past. The final crime scene is the Box Tunnel Massacre (Season 2, Episode 7), where Lia reveals herself to be one of Mitchell’s victims. She is willing to give him Annie back, but on the condition that he’s dealt a prophecy – that he will be killed by a werewolf. Back in Wales, George is arrested minutes before the full moon. Nina rescues him from the confines of the police station, but they are forced to transform together. Will they survive a night as werewolves without tearing each other apart? Episode 1 premieres on Supernatural Saturday, February 19, 9:00p.m. ET/PT on BBC America.

Episode 2
In the hospital George and Nina are confronted by Adam, a teenage vampire, lapping at the vein of one of Nina’s patients. They take him out of harm’s way to the house, but Adam’s obnoxious and lewd behavior soon has everybody climbing the walls. Meanwhile a middle-class vampire, Richard, propositions Mitchell. He has been sent by the vampire aristocracy to ferry him out of the area, away from the Box Tunnel Twenty police investigation. Mitchell knows that Richard’s offer is one he shouldn’t refuse, but can he really leave George, Nina and Annie? Richard looks down on Mitchell’s rash behavior, boasting that he has systems in place to feed his bloodlust without killing. Mitchell thinks Richard might hold the solution to Adam’s increasing bloodlust, but when George and Nina see the extent of Richard’s actual depravity they battle to save Adam’s soul. Episode 2 premieres on Supernatural Saturday, February 26, 9:00p.m. ET/PT on BBC America.

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