Being Human Season 4, Episode 10 Preview: What's Wrong With Sally?

There are only four episodes left of Being Human, as the series is wrapping up its final season and the writers have thrown a couple of pretty incredible twists into the series as it heads toward its finale. Spoilers if you aren't caught up! The preview for Monday's "Oh Don't You Die For Me" shows some problems between Josh and Nora, possibly involving Josh's wolf issues, a new pack and him getting taken. Meanwhile, Aidan looks like he has a fight on his hands. We'll get to that in a minute.

Back to those incredible twists. First is that intense future-glimpse we saw during last week's episode. Why was Aidan at Josh's throat? Also, after seasons of being just-friends, the writers took us down an alternate-timeline rabbit hole that had Sally and Aidan becoming an item over the last couple of episodes. Aidan has no knowledge of that as far as we know, but Sally does. Are those romantic feelings lingering? And -- just speculating here -- is there any chance that Sally might possess Aidan at some point and leave traces of those memories in his head that makes him aware that there's a connection there that neither have explored in this timeline? Who knows? What we do know from the above preview and the clip below is that Sally will be helping Aidan out with an intense basement fight...

I love the way Sally smiles when she possesses two of those guys. Too funny. And a resourceful way for a ghost to get involved in a fight, though it's a bit reminiscent of Angel Season 5 when Spike helped Angel kill that creepy Hainsley guy. That was kind of a different situation though, but just as funny.

Let's get back to Sally because here's where things might get a bit more spoilery. Last Fall I got to visit the set of Being Human and all season, I've been waiting for the house in the series to look like it did when I was on set, all red and different...

Red furnishings

And sure enough, during Sally's alternate timeline trip, the house was decorated with lots of red furnishings. So I'm thinking that's what was being shot when the press was on set.

Also on set, laid out among the props that were on display for us was a fake Sally who looked a lot like the sick looking Sally featured in the first preview above. Only the one we saw was much more decayed...

Sally full

Sally head

Now, my assumption was that this prop was being used for Sally at the end of Season 3, and that may actually be the case. Because she's wearing the same outfit then and now, it's hard to say. UPDATE: On closer inspection, thanks to a photo posted at, it looks like the decay situation matches the Season 3 finale Sally after all. So hopefully the prop on set was just something leftover from last season and we won't be seeing her go through all of that all over again. It wouldn't be the first time history has repeated itself in odd ways on this show though, right?

Being Human airs Monday at 9:00 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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