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Previously, we shared the first part of our visit to the set of Syfy's Being Human. While Part 1 focused on the visual effects and photos of the set of the supernatural drama series' upcoming fourth season, Part 2 includes the video of the panel which includes stars Sam Witwer, Meaghan Rath, Kristen Hager and Sam Huntington, along with showrunner Anna Fricke.

Before we get to the video, I'll tell you a little bit about what's coming up in Season 4, as we were given a look at the first eight minutes of the season premiere. While I won't give you the minute-by-minute play-by-play, the next paragraph has some spoilers, so read on with caution!

Spoilers from the first eight minutes of Being Human Season 4 ahead! When Season 3 left off, Sally was being pulled into who-knows-where with the witch Donna (Amy Aquino), through the hole at the bottom of the stairs. When the Season 4 premiere episode begins, Sally is with Donna in a strange spa-like place. It's implied that Sally's whereabouts -- or the nature of them -- are at least partially her doing, that there's some kind of cycle in the works. Donna appears to be waiting patiently for something to happen on Sally's end, and things leave off in a very bizarre place when the footage cuts out. Meanwhile, at the end of Season 3, morning came and Josh didn't transform back into a human with Nora, suggesting that he's stuck as a werewolf. In Season 4's opener, Nora and Aidan are teamed up trying to track and capture Josh. They're struggling to figure out how to get him back. From the way Nora talks about it, it sounds like they've been dealing with Josh's permanent-werewolf condition for a while, and it seems like both of them are at the end of their rope with no answers as to why this happened or how they can fix it.

Here's the video of the panel. Though they're pretty tight-lipped on details about Season 4, the spoiler warning still applies!

Highlights from the above video:

"This season is 'Destiny,'" Anna Fricke says. "And we've talked about that a little bit. I think that's partially us sort of hearing fan feedback, and also us doing what we like to do the best which is really about these guys, and bringing the characters together. So it's really exploring the fact that everything happens for a reason. These people are together for a reason and that they are crucial to keeping each other human. And it's really about that, I'd say."

The cast all has their own definitions of hell.

Something happens this season that makes Sam Huntington cry.

The woman we saw at the end of Season 3 is, in fact, Aidan's wife. But they won't say how or why she's back.

There's a different relationship with Sally and Donna this year. We'll also see Bishop, and we'll see Henry "in a very interesting way." Rebecca and Ray will also appear.

No musical episode anytime soon.

Meaghan's brother (Jesse Rath) -- who played Sally's brother Robbie last season -- is coming back. If you're a Defiance fan, you'll recognize him as Alak Tarr from the Syfy series.

In Season 4, Sally's much stronger and more equipped to be alone.

There's something the characters do this season where they can "make it entirely explicit how much these characters have grown and changed," according to Witwer.

Anna does low snaps better than anyone. Hear the strange explanation involving a Portugese homeless man and watch her dance around the 23-minute mark. Sam Witwer can sing and clearly likes to.

Episodes 8 and 9 of Season 4 are very special. Kristen hints that "even though I…" but doesn't elaborate. Maybe something happens to or involving Nora in those episodes?

DogTheCatManDude is their favorite prop. We saw this decoration -- a porcelain cat that looks kind of like a dog, wearing a catcher's mask set near the fireplace -- on the set during our walk-through, which given the state of the first floor (see "red theme" comments in Part 1 of this feature), that's one more indication that the red theme in the living room might be some kind of alternate universe or dream sequence (as opposed to a flashback).


To see the red theme of the downstairs of Josh, Sally, Aidan and Nora's house, check out the photos posted in Part 1 of this feature here!

Being Human returns for Season 4 this January.

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