As though Arrested Development didn’t give us enough reason to love Jeffrey Tambor, NBC gives us Bent, a comedy series that knows just what to do with the actor, and also makes great use of the rest of its cast. I already shared my positive thoughts on the series premiere in my review. And now you can check out a couple of clips from the the comedy, one of which gives us a pretty good idea of what kind of Dad Jeffrey Tambor is playing.

Bent stars Amanda Peet as Alex, a recently divorced, single mom who hires David Walton’s character Pete to fix up her house. Pete comes with a small gang of fellow fixers and you’ll glimpse them in the clip below, which also shows the kind of bickery relationship Alex and Pete are quickly developing...

In this clip, Pete has a conversation with his father (Jeffrey Tambor), which quickly takes a bizarre turn...

“What’s our controception situation?” - Dad
“Uncomfortable. Awkward. Separate...” - Son.

Read our review of Bent here, and tune in tonight for the series’ premiere at 9:00 p.m. on NBC.

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