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Beverly Hills Cop Won't Move Forward To Series At CBS

There’s no such thing as a sure thing, but if you had asked me a couple of days ago if CBS’ Beverly Hills Cop pilot would surely go to series, I would have answered that it had the best odds possible. While the pilot was considered a pretty safe bet for the network, CBS announced on Friday that Beverly Hills Cop will not be moving forward at the network.

Beverly Hills Cop has been in the works for a while. Way back in September, we learned the comedy was being put together by top-notch producer Shawn Ryan and would follow film character Axel Foley’s police officer son, Aaron, in an update of the story that did well at the box office some time ago. Some time later, Percy Jackson series star Brandon T. Jackson signed on as the lead in the series and Eddie Murphy was expected to appear in the pilot and to pop up in the show occasionally if it moved forward.

Fans may still be able to see Jackson and Murphy team up. Even though CBS has passed on the pilot, THR is reporting the pilot is being shopped by Paramount and Sony to see if other networks have interest in breathing some life into the Beverly Hills Cop franchise. The outlet is also noting that Paramount and CBS have had some troubles getting along in the past and strained relationships may have had an effect on the program not getting a pick up. If strained relationships are the cause, that could also mean the pilot wasn't dropped due to the quality of its content. Needless to say, if another network or cable station has interest and can afford to pick up the comedy, we may be hearing more about Beverly Hills Cop in the future.

Jessica Rawden

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