Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn Joins Bravo's Rita Pilot

Breaking Bad split its final season into two parts, with the final eight episodes set to premiere this summer. With the end of the show in sight, it’s high time the actors were looking for other projects, and as it turns out, Anna Gunn has signed on for a pilot. You’re never going to believe the network, though.

Gunn has signed on to star in Rita, one of a couple of scripted pilots being put together by Bravo. Bravo isn’t exactly known for its scripted programming, but there’s always time to turn a new leaf. TV Line describes Rita as an “edgy” family drama, which should fit in nicely with the other project at the network, The Joneses. The show is also based on a Danish program of the same name.

Gunn is set to play the titular character, a mother of three teenage kids. As if three teens isn’t enough for a person to deal with, Gunn’s character is also a successful career woman who works for a private school system as a teacher. Anyone who has ever worked in a school knows that there are plenty of trials and tribulations inside and outside of the classroom to deal with, and Rita will prove no exception.

TV Blend will let you know if Rita makes it to series at Bravo. The good news is, the show has hired a great lead and doesn't have a ton of competition, so if you’ve been keeping your hopes up, Rita has a pretty good shot at moving forward.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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