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Breaking Bad Season 5 Photos Show The Cast And Walter White's Partner Relationships

AMC's intensely satisfying drama series Breaking Bad will return for the start of its fifth and final season in less than a month. Preview videos and photos have been trickling in fairly steadily as the season premiere approaches, and today we have a virtual flood of promotional photos to share with you, some of which offer a hint of the state of the relationship between Walter White and his partners.

Before we get to that one, we have the new cast photo, which showcases a number of familiar faces. In addition to Walt and Jesse, who take the foreground, Mike, Saul, Marie, Hank and Skyler are also featured.

But these two photos are probably the most telling. First, we have Walt and Jesse dressed in hazmat suits, seated side by side, beers in hand and snacks in front of them.

It seems like a nod to their working and personal relationship, both of which were somewhat strained when things left off in Season 4. Perhaps this photo is an indication that they'll be back together on both levels in Season 5. Gus was sort of the wedge being driven between them. Perhaps (hopefully) with him out of the picture, Jesse and Walt will reunite on more solid ground… unless/until Jesse finds out that it was Walt behind the poisonous plant.

And this one showcases the distance between Walt and his other partner, his wife Skylar. She's in the foreground looking concerned and unhappy, and he's on the other side of the bed, looking about the same.

The fact that they have their backs to one another suggests communication issues and obviously some distance in their relationship. That's not a good thing for them, but it may make for some interesting developments as the fifth season progresses.

Check out the other character-focused promotional photos for Breaking Bad Season 5 in the gallery below. Breaking Bad returns to AMC July 15.

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