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Something tells me people aren't going to forget Walter White's name easily, but the key art for the final eight episode of the series puts that message front and center. "Remember my name." There's some green lens flare, which offers a bit of the series' signature green to the tint on Walt, who looks more menacing than we've ever seen him, a glowering glare on his face, his hands clenched to fists. Whether or not that's supposed to put the song "Fame" in my head, it's succeeded in doing just that, which makes me wonder if Walter White thinks he's going to live forever.

Of course, no one lives forever, and in Walter White's line of work, where kingpins tend to have a pretty sizable target on their backs, the odds of immortality are even slimmer. After a year to wait to see how the second half of the fifth and final season will play out, we're a few weeks away from the one-month mark to Breaking Bad's grand return to AMC for Season 5.5.

Season 5 left off with a major cliffhanger, as Hank sat on the toilet, thumbing through a book of Walt Whitman poetry and finally making the connection between the W.W. initials and hints that these two letters link Walt to Heisenberg. Just how much he understands about the situation is unknown. At the very least, the revaluation might cause him to start snooping around, and after that, how long before he finds proof that his brother-in-law is actually the villain he's been hunting for seasons? We can hardly wait to find out! But we have weeks. The series doesn't return until Sunday, August 11 at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC. In the meantime, we can pass the time rewatching the first four seasons on Netflix, read about what Vince Gilligan had to say about the upcoming final episodes or bask in the green blow of the chilling new poster.

You can also put your name into the series' iconic logo, complete with periodic table element symbols using Breaking Bad's Name Lab app. Here's mine!

Name lab

While Walter White probably wouldn't credit anyone for his actions and reputation, actor Bryan Cranston expressed sadness over the death of The Sopranos star James Gandolfini and appreciation for the actor's contribution to television with this Tweet, which suggests that Tony Soprano paved the way for other dark characters and antiheroes, Walter White included…

Jesse and Walt

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