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Breaking Bad Season 5 Ratings Dip For Episode 2

Things are just getting going for the first half of Breaking Bad's fifth and final season, with just six episodes left between now and yet another hiatus, after which the remaining eight episodes will air (next year). The numbers for the fifth season's second episode are in and the ratings are showing a noticeable drop in viewers from the number of people who tuned in for the fifth season premiere.

According to EW, Breaking Bad's second episode ("Madrigal") for its fifth season took in 2.3 million viewers. That's apparently a 21 percent drop from last week's Season 5 premiere. The site notes that it's not all that unusual for a series' viewership to drop a bit from its season premiere. But it does seem a bit surprising that people wouldn't return for the second episode of the AMC drama series after such a great fifth season premiere.

For the sake of pure speculation, I'd say that at least some of the drop might have come from people who don't normally watch the show on Sunday nights when the episode initially airs, but made an exception for the much anticipated Season 5 premiere. The series saw an increase of more than a million viewers from its fourth season finale to its fifth season premiere episode. Some of that is likely due to people who got on board (or caught up) with the show between seasons, but some of the increase could be people who typically watch the episodes during an encore airing later in the week, but made an exception for the premiere.

That's just a theory that might explain at least some of the drop. I can't imagine that many people watched the Season 5 premiere and decided to give up on the series. But with cable shows we have the luxury of a bit more control over when we watch (and DVR) our shows, and AMC does re-air Breaking Bad later in the week. So for optimism's sake, let's say that the drop isn't really as bad as it looks and cross our fingers for better numbers (or an evening out, at the very least) next week.

On the subject of Breaking Bad, those who are keeping up with the series can check out the preview for this Sunday night's "Hazard Pay" here. And below is a photo, along with a brief but interesting description for the episode.

"Walt and Jesse put a business plan into action and Walt confesses a secret to Marie."

A business plan to get some money? Last we knew, funds were kind of dry for Walt, what with Skylar using their crawl-space stash to pay off the I.R.S for Ted. A business plan might be a necessary thing to get the cash rolling in again. As for the secret Walt confesses to Marie, what are the odds that it's a lie? Or else a tiny sliver of the truth meant to maintain his cover with his sister-in-law, who's married to the DEA agent. I can't imagine him actually confessing the secret. Then again, who knows what could happen?

Breaking Bad airs Sundays at 10:00 p.m. ET on AMC.