Casting is moving forward for the much-buzzed-about Munsters reboot at NBC, Mockingbird Lane. The second of the main characters to be cast is Marilyn, the rare Munster who is not supernatural, and again it’s a Brit taking the role. Charity Wakefield will play the role created by Beverly Owen and then played by Pat Priest in the original series.

Wakefield, according to Deadline, will join fellow Brit Eddie Izzard in the new version of the classic series. The pilot is said to be a visually striking reimagining of The Munsters in the vein of Pushing Daisies, and casting has been a prime concern – one that even pushed out production as NBC waited for Izzard to become available for the project. Izzard has signed on in a producing role as well as to play patriarch Grandpa Munster, who is a vampire. He doesn’t get along well with Marilyn, who is a friendly and congenial college student, come to live with her Aunt Lily and Uncle Herman after being rescued from a mother who meant to devour her.

This is the second pilot in the US for Wakefield, who starred in the David E. Kelley project Legally Mad back in 2010. She starred in the BBC production of Sense and Sensibility and recently left Leaving at ITV. Still to be cast are Lily, Herman, and Eddie, all of whom are likely to have a major impact on the project. Will we see more British actors in these roles, or are any of the Munsters expected to be American?

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