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Bruce Willis Shows Off His Moves In Saturday Night Live's 'Boy Dance Party' Musical Sketch

Sometimes when the wives are away, the guys like to ditch their supposed football game and show off their moves with a good old fashioned "boy dance party." What? That's not a thing? Well, Saturday Night Live's making a thing. Andy Samberg might be gone -- and he's taken Lonely Island with him -- but there's still music left in SNL, as evidenced by the above sketch, which has Taran Killam singing "Boy Dance Party," while host Bruce Willis work his moves with some of the rest of the cast in the background.

That wasn't the only musical moment in the episode. Bruce Willis showed off his harmonica skills during the opening monologue…

And then, of course, there were Katy Perry's musical performances, "Roar" and "Walking on Air".

Music aside, I'd say this was a better than average episode over all, with a couple of laugh-worthy sketches, including Willis' dramatic portrayal of a Navy SEAL. I like to think there's always at least one SEAL who envisions the plan going as thrillingly as Willis does.

And then there was the "Centauri Vodka" sketch. Ok, this one could've turned out pretty silly. In fact, some people might not have liked it, but as a fan of pretty much any humor related to two people crammed into a horse costume -- or centaur in this case -- I happened to find it pretty hilarious, particularly at the end.

I also liked how Cecily Strong and Seth Meyers addressed Bruce and Kris Jenner's divorce multiple times, as though they couldn't settle on one punchline and decided to just do them all…

Finally, we have Taran Killam being the protective son. It was goofy, sure, but there were a few laughs in there…

As for the Armageddon sketch, I'm kind of on the fence about it. There are moments when Moynihan cracks me up and gives me a flashback of a hilariously panicked Chris Farley. But the "little kitty cat" thing starts to bug me after a while. Kirby might be growing on me though.