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March is the month of Bryan Cranston, or so it would seem. Cranston, who won a much deserved Emmy for his role as Walter White in Breaking Bad is bringing his directorial debuts to WE tv and AMC next month. Not only did Cranston direct the second season premiere of Breaking Bad, he also wrote and directed the upcoming romantic drama set to air on WE tv called Last Chance.

Breaking Bad’s second season premieres on Sunday, March 8th and you’ll get to see Cranston’s directing skills at work in that first episode. Breaking Bad is a drama series that follows Walter White (played by Cranston), a high school chemistry teacher who decides to start making and selling crystal meth after he finds out he’s dying of cancer.

WE tv’s Last Chance is a romantic drama about a woman in a small town who’s essentially lost all hope at happiness and is resigned to her life as a wife and mother, hoping her children will have a better life someday. Then she meets an older man named Sam who has lived his entire life driven by his dreams and she finds herself inspired to live life by the fullest. The film is described as a “passion project” of Cranston’s and a valentine for his wife Robin.

“"I wrote Last Chance for Robin (who stars in the movie) because I had the sense to marry her. I directed Last Chance because I didn't have the sense not to,” said Cranston. “Romance could be the best and last chance for a woman buffeted by life’s disappointments, in this tale of a love that is lost, and one that is found.”

Cranston is one of the most talented working actors on TV today in this humble TV-watcher’s opinion. We’ve seen his comedic abilities when he starred in Malcolm in the Middle and he’s more than proven his dramatic skills as Walter White in Breaking Bad. Now we’ll get to see how the man does behind the camera when Last Chance premieres on WE tv on Saturday, March 7th at 11:00 PM ET.

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