With all of the recent drama surrounding CBS’ Two And A Half Men, the network has been scrambling to figure out not only the program’s future but also what to do with the vacated timeslot. God only knows how long it might take Charlie Sheen to battle off the demons, but as for the short term solutions, the Tiffany Network is going with Mike & Molly and Rules Of Engagement to plug up the holes.

Let’s be honest: for any other network, this would be a cruel and vicious blow, but CBS is trucking ahead like nothing is wrong. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network even released a statement saying any lost advertising revenue from Two And A Half Men’s 8 missing episodes will likely be offset by the decreased production costs that come with the other two programs. Plus, years or reruns have shown people will tune in to repeats of the Charlie Sheen vehicle at a much higher rate than other programs.

Experts have been predicting Sheen will miss approximately three months of work, but as of now, no one official is confirming that. Cinema Blend’s thoughts go out to Charlie as he tries to fix the problems he caused himself.

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