CSI's Louise Lombard Signs On For The Selection Pilot

The CW’s pilot The Selection is mostly a story about young people and their relations with one another through court intrigue within a class-based society. However, the king and queen of the country, as well as the parents of Prince Maxon, are fairly big characters in the novel and, as it turns out, both the queen and king will appear in the pilot.

CSI’s Louise Lombard has joined The Selection as Queen Amberly, a woman with both smarts and political finesse who was chosen long ago to be the queen in the same process the young women will now go through. The Selection will follow a competition between 35 young women all hoping to catch the eye of young Prince Maxon and earn a Cinderella-like ending. Deadline is reporting Queen Amberly will know all about the competitors in the palace which means she is an asset to the kingdom, but also her son, as well. Lombard will play opposite actor Anthony Head, who will play her husband and the patriarch of the royal family in the pilot.

The Selection initially got off the ground a whole year ago, but failed to make it past the pilot stage. This time around, some roles have been recast and others have remained the same. Lombard’s character was initially played by Chilean actress Leonor Varela, but hopefully Lombard will be a better fit for the role. Lombard joins Yael Grobglas, Sarah Winter, and more in the brand new pilot.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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