Two Showtime series are in the works for a December DVD release. Californication, which wrapped up its fifth season last spring, and House of Lies, which ended Season 1 back in April. Both shows are gearing up for new seasons on the subscription cable network, and if you are a little behind, there’s no need to worry. Californication - The Fifth Season and House of Lies – The First Season are coming to DVD on December 18.

The release date will hit just in time for anyone looking for a last minute gift. The sets will also give fans ample opportunity to catch up or relive their favorite moments from last year’s episodes before Season 6 of Californication and Season 2 of House of Lies premiere in early 2013. Unfortunately, that’s really all of the good news with both of these sets. Fans will be dealing with DVD copies with DVD quality that are still a little bit expensive—both season sets will run for $46.99 in the U.S. While that is not wholly unreasonable, there really doesn’t seem to be much else that is enticing with the sets, either.

Neither set mentions special features, which isn’t a huge negative, since neither is a period piece with cool costumes or anything particularly special to talk about--although a few episode commentaries might have been nice. The biggest drawback to buying the series on DVD is that if you are a fan, you are probably caught up on the series by now, or can just catch it next time it makes the rounds on the On Demand section of the network. Neither show really inspires the need-to-buy fervor other subscription cable series, like Game of Thrones or even True Blood, manage. I know we are talking about a different network, but poor Hank and Marty should just be happy they weren’t cancelled and will be back on the air in 2013.

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