House Of Lies Renewed For Season 5

It feels like just yesterday that Showtime first teamed up with Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell for a new series about management consultants. In actuality, it was quite a bit longer ago than that; Showtime has announced this week that House of Lies is actually being renewed for Season 5. That’s right, Season 5.

The news comes just a couple of days after House of Lies finished out its Season 4 run of 12 episodes. The last season saw some crazy plotlines come together. Marty went to white collar prison, leaving his firm to attempt to function in his wake and leaving Jeannie pregnant with his child. Back at home, Marty’s family was dealing with issues, as has been par for the course on the series, and this time around Roscoe got into plenty of trouble. Despite the drama, the Season 4 finale aired just a couple of days ago, ending on a shockingly happy note, but those calm waters cannot last for long.

I’m not sure if House of Lies wrapped up in a happy-ish way in case the series did get cancelled. After all, House of Lies isn’t the highest-rated program on the subscription cable network. The show does less than a million eyeballs when it airs live each week, and in fact, Season 5 will see the comedy’s total number of episode cut down from 12 for the first time. Ten episodes of the dark comedy will be produced for 2016. In fact, the comedy could be getting another renewal based on its critical merits, which include the Golden Globe and Emmy nominations Cheadle frequently receives.

A shortened season order can sometimes mean a final season for a TV show, but Showtime is staying mum about whether or not Season 5 will be House of Lies’ last. The network stayed positive with its press release, and social media was equally as pumped about the renewal order.

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Obviously, we don’t know a ton about where Season 5 is headed at this point, but we do know that the ensemble cast is expected to return and that new episodes should not hit the schedule until midseason next year. House of Lies has also been known for having quirky actors pop up over the years, including Adam Brody, Jenny Slate, Eliza Coupe, John Carroll Lynch, Mekhi Phifer, and in Season 4, Demetri Martin. We’ll likely be getting a boatload of new names for Season 5, and we’ll keep you posted as the new episodes begin to move forward.

In the meantime, Showtime is currently airing episodes of Shameless and the network’s new show, Happyish, is expected to hit the schedule this month.

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