Kristen Bell's Most Awkward Sex Scene Is Laugh Out Loud Funny

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When it comes to awesome actresses who DGAF, Kristen Bell sits delightfully in a mighty throne. Bell has been on a roll lately in the storytelling department, and she recently offered up one tale that not many people would share in common with her. When asked about her weirdest on-screen sex scene, Bell says it all started when she and Dax Shepard had to wait at the courthouse for a while to get married. And then...

We saw a window Tuesday morning, we're like, we both only have to work in the afternoon. We met at the courthouse. Our best friends are named Amy and Ryan Hansen, and I said, 'Amy, will you meet us at the courthouse to be our witness?' We got married that morning, it was great. I went to work that afternoon on House of Lies and I had to pretend have raunchy sex all afternoon with Ryan Hansen. So I married my husband and then fake-had-sex with his best friend all afternoon.

Now how about that? A lot of people, upon getting married, will end up spending some point in that day having sex with their now-legally-binding significant other. (And it's certainly possible that happened here, too, just after the work day was done.) But making a living in Hollywood provides some pretty wild situations that, you know, occasionally make it to where you're faking intercourse with someone who just celebrated the nuptials you'd made happen with a legitimate lover earlier in the day. Everybody has different hobbies, right?

For five seasons, Kristen Bell played the strong-willed Jeannie van der Hooven on Showtime's House of Lies, and it was back in the Season 3 episode "Boom" that Ryan Hansen made his guest-starring appearance as Johnno, her softball-playing lover who works at Applebees. Naturally, that wasn't a relationship that was meant to stand the test of time, but even if Johnno wasn't the most memorable fling for Jeannie, the fake sex with Hansen has definitely lived on in Bell's memories.

Here's what else Kristen Bell had to say about it during her appearance on The Talk.

To this day, we're still like, 'That was the weirdest situation.' We were sending them pictures. And everybody's in like nude thongs to cover up, and [Dax Shepard] was like, 'Congratulations, guys!' It was so weird.

Of course, Kristen Bell and Ryan Hansen's relationship goes just a bit further than just sharing Dax Shepard as a husband and best friend. The two were core cast members of Veronica Mars, both the original TV series and the follow-up movie (and hopefully a future return), and that relationship led to other temporary team-ups on projects such as Burning Love, Party Down and the actor's new YouTube Red series Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television. Granted, none of those shared projects required anyone to get down and dirty, so they don't get brought up as often.

Side note: during that same appearance on The Talk, Kristen Bell also shared that her children Lincoln and Delta had somewhat recently walked in on her and Dax Shepard having sex. And her solution was to ask the what they needed, and then to declare that "Mommy and Daddy are just going to take a nap for a few minutes." Kids understand naps.

Kristen Bell can currently be seen on the big screen in A Bad Moms Christmas, as well as on the small screen in NBC's excellent comedy The Good Place, which airs on Thursday nights at 8:30 p.m. ET. To see when everything else is still yet to debut in primetime and beyond, head to our fall TV premiere schedule.

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