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Horror TV is alive and well, but we could always use more, right? And given how crossover episodes are all the rage these days, wouldn’t it be great to see a team-up between Ash vs Evil Dead and The Walking Dead? Thankfully, Bruce Campbell already knows how it would go down, and it is predictably amazing. Check it out.

Mwahahaha! This is not only one of the most legendary things to ever make its way around the Internet, via his Twitter page, but it’s also as accurate a representation as possible of Campbell’s Ash entering another TV show . There is nothing for anyone to worry about when he’s around, except maybe him stealing all the glory. But I mean seriously, Ash has been putting the kibosh on dead things for well over 30 years now. He knows what he’s doing a hell of a lot more than anyone in post-apocalyptic Georgia, and these walkers don’t even have malicious personalities like deadites do. They just walk around and bite stuff, assuming they didn’t do something idiotic to get trapped.

When Rick woke up in that first episode of The Walking Dead, he was understandably shaken by all of the living people having been replaced by bloodthirsty zombies. And what better way to have his nerves soothed than someone with a chainsaw for a hand walking up and saying everything is going to be okay? If Rick is lucky, Ash would give him a lift in his classic ride before taking him back to the camp, where Lori has been ignoring the shit out of Carl and Shane and just waiting for Ash to return, possibly with booze.

And you know what? No matter how many years things go on like that, you won’t ever find Ash growing a big scraggly beard that indicates what his mental state is like, because he’ll just tell you what his mental state is like. And it’s “groovy.” Always. Plus, he won’t be talking on broken phones to phantoms of his ex-wife, because he’ll never get married, especially not in this kind of world. He’d have also taught Carl how to be more of a man. Or at least like less of a Carl. Negan would know Ash’s name a lot sooner than the other way around.

Ash is no stranger to crossovers, either, as the Army of Darkness comics have put him on deadly adventures with everyone from Freddy Krueger to Dracula to Xena to Marvel zombies. All joking aside, it would be pretty incredible to see the Dark Horse series actually put out a one-shot crossover with Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead comics, although that might screw up the latter’s canon.

And what kind of crossovers has Rick gotten up to recently? Mostly just facing Walter White in rap battles. Somebody throw Ash the mic.