It finally may be time for Cheryl Cole’s big U.S. break. The popular U.K. singer was certainly ready a few months ago, when she was poised to judge Fox’s version of X Factor. Since she was booted from the program, supposedly on account of her too Bri’ish accent, her manager has been pleading her case around the block.

It seems the Black Eyed Peas singer has more clout than the average person would give him credit for. After vying for roles on several network programs, including How I Met Your Mother, has now landed Cole a guest spot on Fox’s hit show, Glee. Since Glee is aired in 44 countries worldwide, the exposure could go a long way to gain her note in the U.S. and also the Asian markets. It certainly worked for Gwyneth Paltrow, last year.

According to Daily Mail Glee’s Matthew Morrison may have a hand in Cole’s U.S. success. In an interview with Reveal in June, he said he believed The Girls Aloud singer had the potential to make it in America should she show up on the popular program. Morrison also said:
“Cheryl is on the front of every newspaper and magazine in the UK. It’s not the same in America, but I still think she can crack it over there. She is a talented girl.”

He’s right about one thing: a guest spot on Glee would definitely give the Brit singer the chance to reach millions of people. However, I wouldn’t jump the gun and say she’s made it yet. One hour of Glee is not enough to make or break anyone, it’s just enough of an introduction to hopefully yield a solid lead, elsewhere. If I were Cole, I would quit asking flip-flopping Fox for help getting exposure.

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