Clarence Creator Skyler Page Fired From Cartoon Network Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

The Cartoon Network series Clarence only ended its first season last month, but its creator and star Skyler Page has been taken off of the show and fired from Cartoon Network entirely. This rather shocking news comes following a report that Page allegedly groped a fellow network writer/artist.

According to Deadline, the termination was officially confirmed by a Cartoon Network executive. Rumors of Page's alleged behavior first made waves a few days ago on Twitter, when a seemingly random warning was sent out.

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The claim was met with equal expected amounts of sympathy, vitriol, and rational questions for proof to accompany such an accusation. On Wednesday, Adventure Time storyboard artist and episode writer Emily Partridge came out also on Twitter to say that she was the one Page allegedly groped against her will.

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The conversations and exchanges following that tweet darkened the context behind these supposed events and made it clear that this could be a more complicated situation than Twitter can hope to ever convey. But again, it's Twitter, so there's a grain of salt with every word one reads.

The accusations obviously go further than just social media, and Partridge responded to people who questioned her methods of public accusation rather than handling it in-house.

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Page's professional career began with Cartoon Network, making his name as a storyboard artist also on Adventure Time before getting into creating his own shorts. Clarence, one of those shorts, was turned into a Creative Emmy-nominated pilot and began its first season in April. Page also wrote for the show and voiced Clarence, as well as other characters. Take a look at an episode segment below.

This is obviously a very serious issue that doesn't have a whole lot of actual proof on either side, so all we can do now is hope for the situation to be handled in a way that serves both justice and the victims involved. You can bet this won't be the last we hear about it.

Nick Venable
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