Preview Night at Comic Con in San Diego is underway and the floor is open! I did a walk through this evening to get a look at some of the excellent displays, including AMC's The Walking Dead photo set-up, which allows fans to pose as one of Michonne's "pet" walkers, and a pretty impressive set-up for Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Check out some of the photos ahead.

Before we get to what's on the floor, here's the display for NBC's upcoming drama series Revolution, which was set up near the convention center and features a car that's turned into a planter of sorts, and the ferris wheel similar to the one seen in photos and promos for the pilot (except this one's a bit smaller).

Revolution is set in a world where all forms of energy have ceased to exist. Cars and ferris wheels probably aren't good for much more than platforms on which plants and other green things can grow.

There was plenty more to look at once I got into the convention center and began making my way around the floor to see what interesting TV displays were set up. Among them, the excellent photo set-up for The Walking Dead

ABC has a fun display for their upcoming comedy The Neighbors, which included a space ship and a set of pie-holding women who may actually be aliens in disguise.

And here's Nickelodeon's impressive display for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They're inviting fans to choose a side by going to, and there's a big scoreboard as part of the display (you can see part of it in the photo), which shows the percentage of people who went with Turtle, and those who went with the Foot.

And finally, Cartoon Network had this excellent collage celebrating their many beloved characters on a huge wall.

There were other things to see, but the place filled up with people pretty quickly, and after that I was ready to head for the exit. The panels begin tomorrow! Keep an eye out for our coverage!

You can check out some more photos (and bigger versions of the ones above) in the gallery below.

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