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In case you missed it, last night James Franco hosted Saturday Night Live. We’ve got a bunch of clips from the episode, which includes the cold open that parodies John McCain, a sketch about the search for a jury on the O.J. trial and a fake ad for a new TNT series featuring Penny Marshall. None of it lives up to the hilarious Tina Fey/Amy Poehler cold open from last week but I have a feeling that sketch will go down as one of (if not the) funniest sketches this season.

Cold Open – John McCain approves negative messages about Obama. The voice to the announcer guy is pretty funny.

O.J. Jury – It can’t be easy finding people who’ve never heard of O.J. Simpson:

New TNT Drama series – The Looker

An alternate ending to Of Mice and Men:

Rosie Perez and Martin Scorsese talk about Yankee Stadium (Rosie Perez? Seriously?)

Digital Short – A guy with a tiny ding dong talks about his tiny ding dong.