Good news Colbert Nation, your fearless leader will be back on the air tonight. After a sudden shutdown in production last week that set the internet abuzz with rumors and speculation, The Colbert Report will be back to business as usual today, and there’s no reason to worry about the show.

Although the official statement that was released regarding the set going dark last Wednesday unexpectedly simply stated that it was due to “unforeseen circumstances”, reports appeared in the media that the show shut down for a few days so that Colbert could be with his mother who was sick. Colbert’s tweet in response to the outpouring of sympathy and concern however seemed to back up the reports:
“My family and I would like to thank everyone who has offered their thoughts and prayers. We are grateful and touched by your concern.”

Hopefully, Colbert’s mother is on the mend, and it definitely appears she’s well enough for him to head back to work. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed today that The Colbert Report will be back to taping new shows today.

Colbert’s cancellation of the show came truly last minute; some fans were already lined up for the Wedesday taping when the news was sent out via email to ticket holders that the taping had been cancelled without warning. They’ll be given tickets to a future taping instead – hopefully none of them were on a once in a lifetime visit to New York, where the show is filmed. Fortunately from the support he’s received, Colbert has some loyal and understanding fans.

Guests on the Report this week include Nancy Pelosi and author Ann Patchett. Good to have you back, Mr. Colbert, here's hoping your mother is feeling much better.

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