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Chuck’s geeky cool family just got a little more awesome. No not Captain Awesome. Awesome awesome. His dad has already been played by Quantum Leaper Sam Beckett, and now Chuck’s mom has been cast. It’s Linda Hamilton.

Linda will join the NBC series Chuck in Season 4 as a recurring guest star playing Mary Bartowski who, like seemingly everyone in Chuck’s family, is a spy. Also should they ever encounter a Terminator, well let’s just say Mary Bartowski has that covered.

The disappearance of Mary Bartowski when Chuck and his sister Ellie were young has long been one of the mysteries surrounding the show, now we know she was off somewhere protecting John Connor. That was a joke. But here’s how the Chuck showrunners explain her new role in the series:
Hamilton will appear throughout the season, leading Chuck to discover that her life was shrouded in secrets. She was a spy, a CIA agent … and that’s just the beginning. Who is she today? One thing is certain: She’s not the soccer mom who left her children so many years ago.

Chuck returns to NBC for fourth season on September 20 at 8pm.

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