Day 2 in Ballroom 20 at Comic Con is finally over. It was such an epic day it required two of us to get full coverage. While I spent four hours waiting in line to get in, TVBlend Editor Kelly West was in the front of the room getting all the juicy bits from Walking Dead and Torchwood: Miracle Day.

I came in just in time to catch Big Bang Theory, and I’m still convinced this is not a show for geeks. It’s certainly not done by geeks. After that we jump into two shows I’m not familiar with in Eureka and Warehouse 13. The best part about these was seeing Felicia Day, who I’d have a crush on if it didn’t sound so juvenile to say that. I’m pretty sure my wife is OK with a Felicia Day crush; she probably has one too.

My video recap of day 2 is below, complete with my swanky Chuck shirt we got during Preview night here at Comic Con. Who says you can’t be comfortable and sport a spiffy outfit at the same time?

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