After being pushed from its scheduled October 19 premiere date with practically no warning, NBC's Community seemed to be stuck in some kind of limbo-- ready to return with new show runners and new episodes, but nowhere to show them off. As NBC has shuffled around its Thursday lineup, canceling Animal Practice and scheduling a hiatus for Up All Night, it seemed like Community might appear sometime before the end of the year. Now there's an official date, but it's probably not as soon as you were hoping.

Let's just hear it from star Joel McHale himself, via Twitter:

If you don't understand that hashtag, take a look at this video, which was released online on October 19, the date that Community was originally scheduled to return.

For reference, February 7 is indeed a Thursday, which means Community will no longer be relegated to the Friday timeslot that many feared might doom it. By February 7 the NBC Thursday night schedule could be virtually unrecognizable. 30 Rock will be ending this season after an abbreviated 13 episodes; by the end of this week it will have already aired 5 episodes, which could put it off the air by February 7 depending on how it schedules re-runs and other hiatuses. And, as was announced yesterday, Up All Night will be taking a hiatus to switch to a multi-camera format, filmed before a live audience. It's set to return in the spring, sometime in April or May.

So, clearly, lots of shakeups on NBC for Thursdays-- but Community fans can now rest a little easier knowing their show will be part of it.

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