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It's been more than two weeks since NBC made the controversial decision to put Community on "hiatus," and not long after that they shut down production on the Thursday night drama Prime Suspect. But even with their futures unclear or nonexistent, both shows are having the last laugh. The ratings from last night are in, and for the second week in a row, according to the numbers at Deadline, both shows were up in the ratings, with Community matching their best ratings in the 18 to 49 demographic in two months, and Prime Suspect up 13% from two weeks ago.

Of course, as usual, NBC still lost in overall ratings for the night. Fox was the winner with the Top 7 results show for The X Factor , which got a 19% bump from last week, though that's probably mostly due to the Thanksgiving holiday. NBC even lost out to CBS, which was airing nothing but re-runs. And Parks & Recreation was down from their last airing two weeks ago, despite airing one of their best and most accessible episodes ever. Community was equally accessible last night (despite that whole anime thing), though I can't really imagine that's responsible for the bump.

It seems clear at this point that Community is never going to have giant ratings, and despite airing the best sitcoms on TV, NBC can't seem to find sizable audiences for it. Fans of Community shouldn't count on this uptick of numbers to save their show-- but they shouldn't be ashamed of it. Keep telling your friends! It might not save the show, but more people need to be watching Community no matter what.
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