The Advice Simon Cowell Received From Former American Idol Co-Star Randy Jackson After Having Back Surgery

Simon Cowell is one of the hardest-working people in show business. Not only is the music mogul still a record executive, but he also holds down multiple gigs as a judge on reality competition shows like America’s Got Talent. However, the actor’s busy routine had to be put on the back burner for a while after he broke his back last year. Cowell has since recovered but, moving forward, he may be considering how he’s keeping his body. Now, Randy Jackson, Cowell’s former American Idol colleague, has chimed in with a bit of advice for his friend.

Simon Cowell originally broke his back after falling off his newly acquired electric motorcycle at his home. Shortly after, he underwent a five-hour surgery, which was ultimately successful. Randy Jackson is no stranger to back surgery, as he’s previously had work done on his spine. The always jovial Jackson can find plenty of humor in the fact that both he and Cowell now have back problems at this stage in their lives:

I also had spine surgery a year and a half or so ago, so it's funny both he and I are having all these back pains. But he's doing great. He's really doing great.

Based on his recent comments to ET, it appears Randy Jackson has been in contact with Simon Cowell since the incident, as he emphasized just how well the TV judge is doing. And he’s not wrong, as Cowell was already jet-skiing like a pro before the latter part of 2020.

An incident like Cowell’s is sure to make one seriously consider whether they’re taking proper care of their body. Randy Jackson knows this firsthand, having gone through a 114-pound weight loss transformation over the past few years. With this, he’s offered Cowell a few words of wisdom:

I kid him. I say, 'Look, we're getting a little bit older, we're 36 now, internally, but we ain't 30 no more dawg. We gotta like respect the body, yo!'

Randy Jackson couldn’t be more correct. Our bodies definitely change as the years go by, so proper rest, exercise and care become incredibly important. Jackson’s fitness journey is just one example of the benefits of treating your body well, and his story is definitely an inspiration for any looking to improve their routine.

Simon Cowell’s back injury appeared to be quite serious, with his friends and colleagues showing concern for him. Thankfully, the recovery has gone smoothly for him. He’s currently throwing himself into new activities and has even lined up a new gig as a judge on The X Factor Israel.

Despite his still active schedule, one would assume that Simon Cowell will heed Randy Jackson’s advice and not overdue things. Because let’s be honest, even world-renowned celebrities need their rest now and then.

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