As anyone who follows Katey Sagal on Twitter might have already guessed, Sons of Anarchy has a new face on board for Season 5. Community star Joel McHale is joining the upcoming season for a multi-episode arc, apparently working closely with Sagal, who tweeted a picture of the two on the set just this past week before the news broke that McHale is guesting on the show.

McHale will play a con man named Warren on the fifth season of Sons of Anarchy according to TVLine, who will mess with the wrong person and find himself in hot water. There’s not much more being released regarding his role for the moment, but the storyline puts him in close contact with Sagal it seems. Who it is he will mistakenly double cross is anyone’s guess; there are any number of people in Charming with you wouldn’t want to mess with. Even more so this season, which has Jimmy Smits among others taking on some new and dangerous roles. The casting news for the FX series has been impressive so far.

McHale will be heading back to the Community set after finishing up his guest arc on Anarchy, where things are still settling following the departure of showrunner and creator Dan Harmon and replacement with former Just Shoot Me! showrunners Moses Port and David Guarascio. It hasn’t been a popular shake-up with Community fans, and the wait to see how the changes will affect the show is something of a nervous one.

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