A few of the Criminal Minds producers have decided to branch out on CBS. Criminal Minds’ Mark Gordon, Erica Messer, and Janine Sherman Barrois have put together a project called Darkness Falls, and since the three people already have a relationship with the eye network, it’s no surprise CBS was the network that got on board with the procedural project.

Darkness Falls sounds about as dark as the Criminal Minds series, and will follow a homicide specialist who works with an FBI psychologist to solve single murderers. According to THR, these single murders occur all the way across the country and the two will have to travel constantly to jump in and solve the murder mystery each week. The whole idea sounds vaguely reminiscent of what happens each week on Criminal Minds, but with single murders rather than serial killers, as well as a much smaller cast.

Messer and Sherman Barrois are set to write the script for Darkness Falls. The two will also be executive producing, alongside Mark Gordon and Nicolas Pepper. If the show actually gets picked up by the network, Sherman Barrois will be the showrunner, which is fitting, since Messer is still currently the showrunner on Criminal Minds--which is still a pretty strong program every week, and probably won’t be cancelled anytime soon.

TV Blend will keep you posted if Darkness Falls goes to series.

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