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Dane Cook's ISolated INcident Comedy Special Airs This Month

This month, Dane Cook’s new comedy show Dane Cook: ISolated INcident will premiere on Comedy Central. I have to say, I’m amused by the promotional images they have for the show. Check out the image to the right or visit Comedy Central’s website. A black and white shot of Cook all suited up and serious looking? Has the world gone mad?

In ISolated INcident, Cook’s performance is captured by a single camera and with this special, what you see is exactly what the live audience got. The whole thing was shot in one, raw, unedited take. You might have seen Cook’s previous specials, in which he performing in front of a combined total of 70,000 people. This time around, Cook’s delivering the chuckles at Hollywood’s Laugh Factory before a modest 400 people.

“ The material that Cook performs in ISolated INcident is in a completely different tone from his usual performances and includes brand new, cutting-edge material that pushes the envelope to its highest level. Throughout the show, the audience was taken into a unique nightclub atmosphere while watching an authentic real-time performance. Get ready for a groundbreaking comedy event unlike any other!”

ISolated INcident will premiere on Comedy Central on Sunday, May 17th at 10:00 PM

Kelly West
Kelly West

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