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Today's Walking Dead casting news is certainly exciting, the choice of actor incredibly interesting and yet, just knowing that this character from the beloved series is most definitely on his way (and this far in advance), well, it kind of ruins finding out on our own. So, consider that a spoiler warning!

Imagine that first preview where the Governor was revealed had we not known who was playing him or that he was even coming? Well, that possibly thrilling moment has been replaced with a thrilling announcement from AMC saying that David Morrissey will play the Governor in The Walking Dead. Okay, so it's still pretty exciting.

The BAFTA nominated actor (for his turn in the BBC mini-series State of Play) will make his American television debut with what has to have been a highly sought after part. The Governor is easily one of the most despicable and interesting characters from Robert Kirkman's series. Without going into too much detail for those who have not read the acclaimed graphic novels, let's just say the Governor (or Phillip Blake) serves as a primary adversary for Rick and our group of survivors and, if they are to stay somewhat true to the chronology, his arrival also means the introduction of a few other series favorites we've yet to meet. And since I'm certainly not a devoted follower of the television adaptation (I admire some, despise some), this news does help renew my interest. Not that they need it, with the zombie thriller absolutely killing it in the ratings.

David Morrissey is an interesting choice for the role. He's a wonderful actor but somewhat less well known than would be expected for a role as juicy as the Governor. In fact, there was a time when Academy Award nominee John Hawkes' name was being tossed around as a potential candidate for the part, which, if you have ever seen the two makes Morrissey's casting all the more intriguing. The British actor (another interesting choice, especially since some people have not particularly enjoyed Andrew Lincoln's southern accent) is significantly larger and will no doubt provide a much more imposing physical threat but I'm not sure he'd be able to mach the level of sinister charisma that Hawkes can deliver (watch Martha Marcy May Marlene). But, I can't say I'm not intrigued to see Morrissey's take on the Governor (especially looking at that picture of him from the Red Riding trilogy) and, well, just how sadistic the show is willing to make him. What do you think of the casting?

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. Here's the preview for this week's "18 Miles Out."

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