Drea de Matteo’s known for a number of roles, her biggest likely to be that of Adriana La Cerva in HBO’s The Sopranos. From the sound of the role she’s set to play in an upcoming episode of CSI: Miami, the stakes are as high as ever. You’ll get that more when you hear what she’ll be up to the CBS procedural.

It’s probably fair to say that Drea de Matteo’s small screen work has spread her across the board in terms of viewers go. While it’s likely that Desperate Housewives, Sons of Anarchy and The Sopranos share some fans (myself included), she certainly has kept an open mind with regards to the types of dramas she partakes in. We’ll leave Joey out of the equation. This November, she’ll make an appearance in CSI: Miami and, according to Entertainment Weekly, the role will have her playing the only female player in a dangerous, high-stakes (and illegal) poker game.

The more spoiler-ish information on her character is that in addition to being a sexy poker player, she’s also out to avenge the attempted murder on her now disabled son. So, it sounds like she’s up to no good, but it also sounds like maybe some people have some justice coming. In that respect, she sort of reminds me of another TV character taking up residence in Miami.

CSI: Miami returns to CBS on Sunday, September 25th at 10/9c.

On an unrelated note: “Christa-fah!”

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