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I’m not usually one to track down a rumor, but when it comes to Larry David, I have been known to break character. Today’s Larry David rumor focuses on Curb Your Enthusiasm and the prospect of Season 9. If you keep up with the man, you’ll know the almost doomsday prophet is constantly making comments tantamount to never returning to Curb. Yet, he has always come back to it, even after the long hiatus between Season 7 and 8.

It turns out the long hiatus has actually been a boon for Curb Your Enthusiasm. Ranking strongly in reviews, Season 8 has been whupping ass and taking names in the ratings. In its first three weeks on air, the show has been earning higher ratings than it has in all its prior seven years. Some of this could be because the writing is hitting its stride (Seinfeld, too, took a while to get its shit together completely). Or maybe in its hiatus, Curb Your Enthusiasm picked up some viewers who have been hastily working through DVDs.

Either way, the success of Season 8 has David musing over Season 9. In an interview with Deadline, HBO president of programming Michael Lombardo joked the network was ‘cautiously optimistic’, stating:
“For the first time ever after this season, Larry didn't say 'I never want to do this again.”

HBO expects David to muse over the decision when he returns from vacation this summer. If Curb Your Enthusiasm can continue its current high point, another season would be good for everyone invested. If you’re aware of any voodoo shit, or, you know, prayers, now is the time for bargaining.