These days, Eric Stoltz might be spending about as much behind the scenes of TV shows as he does on screen. The actor, known for Some Kind of Wonderful, Pulp Fiction and more recently, Syfy's Caprica, has been working as a director on Fox's Glee, and is credited for directing an upcoming episode of CBS' new legal drama Made in Jersey. We'll also be getting to see him on screen in an upcoming episode of the CBS series, as he's set to play a guest starring role.

EW reports that Stoltz is set to appear in a November episode of CBS' Made in Jersey. The drama stars Janet Montgomery as Martina Garretti, a Jersey-born attorney who's trying to fit in at a posh New York law firm. Her accent and clothes make her stand out, but she proves to be adapt at handling legal matters and her people skills come in handy as well. Stoltz is set to play "Marcus Wheaton, the mysterious and controlling leader of Wheaton Farms in upstate New York. Martina (Janet Montgomery) represents the wealthy parents of a teen girl who ran away to live within this farm aka cult."

As charming as Stoltz can be, I could easily see him pulling off a cult-leader role as well. And really, a bit of charm and charisma is probably required for any successful cult leader, right? We'll have to wait and see how he does with the part. In the meantime, those who want a sample of Stoltz's talents behind the camera will get it with "Ridgewell," the episode Stoltz directed, which is scheduled for October 26. EW doesn't say exactly when Stoltz's on-screen appearance will be, only that it's set to air at some point in November.

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