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Remember that rumor (yesterday) about Javier Bardem guest starring in an episode of Glee? There’s bad news for Bardem fans because according to the latest update, it’s not true.

The rumor posted by Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello yesterday was that the Oscar winner was set to join Glee for an episode as a rock star who befriends Artie. According to a recent tweet by Glee executive producer Dante Di Loreto, Bardem isn’t going to be guest starring on the series.

Di Loreto also threw out a few other names in his crammed together Tweet to debunk any real or joking rumors about guest appearances by stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Elvis, Tom Cruise and/or U2 making an appearance on the show. So I guess for now if you hear about a Glee guest appearance, it’s probably a safer bet to wait for confirmation from Fox and/or a Glee exec-producer before getting excited.

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