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Firefly Reunion Comic Con Panel Liveblog!

Hello Browncoats. You know why we're here.

It's the Comic Con 10th Anniversary Firefly Reunion with Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, Alan Tudyk, Sean Maher, and Summer Glau.

Will there be news now that Joss Whedon has the power of The Avengers behind him? Serenity 2? New Comics? SOMETHING? Let's find out!

12:43 "Ten Years ago" comes on screen, everyone goes apepoop. "Now we're getting the band back together" Shots of Mal to "I'm sexy and I know it."

12:45 Jeff Jensen takes the stage, introduces writer Jose Molina, Exec Prod Tim Minear, Alan Tudyk...

12:46 Nathan Fillion gets a full minute standing ovation. And Summer Glau hasn't even taken the stage yet.

12:47 Sean takes the stage, Adam Baldwin takes the stage, everyone is standing....FOR JOSS WHEDON

12:49 We're told to sit down and the entire panel waves and exits the stage like the panel was over, except Summer Glau who didn't get the memo about the group joke.

12:50 'We always knew from the very beginning that we were doing things for the right reasons in the right way...we are more than the sum of our was the best cast I'll ever work with." - Joss on Firefly. He says this has gone way beyond vindication, vindication happened a long time ago.

12:51 Nathan Fillion is getting a little emotional, which just makes him want to be funnier. Before Firefly, he was always guy number 5 or a bit part that could have been anyone, but Joss gave him Mal, the "best character I've ever played."

12:52"I wanted to tell an american immigrant story and a western but if I don't have spaceships, I get cranky." - Joss

12:53 Tim Minar makes a "my other spaceship" genitals joke. Joss was told that the only thing that was going to make Firefly work was to hire Tim and he did and it was the only way.

12:55 Jose Molina said writing on Firefly was being like a "pig in poop." He didn't say "poop" the first time. Jose got assigned homework of watching a lot of westerns, but ended up doing more of the sci-fi stuff when writing "Ariel." Joss praises him for coming up with the heist from that episode.

12:57 Sean says he's never considered the show "sci-fi" and instead calls it a "post apocalyptic western." Ariel was one of his favorite episodes, but he didn't get most of his pages until the night before. Sean to Jose: "Thanks for that."

12:59 When they first started shooting the series, Nathan came up to everyone and said: "We're learning everyone's names, it's a contest, I'm winning." Then walked away. And it created the atmosphere for everyone to learn names then get close through the work.

1:01 Clip time! Jayne gets his hat in the post from Mom, everyone cheers when the hat goes on screen. Clip ends, Adam pulls out the real hat. Cheers again!

1:02 A woman in the office knitted those hats. Adam really liked it, so decided to wear it the entire episode. Tim didn't really go with it, but Joss wasn't there, so the hat is now part of the series. Adam is going to give away the hat, these fans are going to eat each other.

1:06"What was the planet that Tracy wanted to be buried on?" Whomever answers this trivia question gets the hat. No one knows the answer off the top of their head, not even Joss. So- what? No one gets the hat?

1:07 Another clip! "You wanna meet the real me now?"

1:09 Joss is asked why he cast Summer. Summer says: "Can't change your mind now." Joss: "George Lucas could. I'm not saying we've had meetings..."

1:11 Joss starts talking about casting Nathan Fillion and Nathan Fillion makes faces that changes the context of what Joss Whedon says. It's lost on you, live blog readers, I apologize.

1:16 We're getting to fan questions after a lot of "We love you Browncoats." From Adam Baldwin. Joss says the movie Serenity was one of the finest nervious breakdowns a person can have. It changed him and changed the way he works, because after the series was over her had to get the movie together no matter what.

1:18 First fan question: St. Albums (sic) she wins the hat. She asks what their favorite fan memory was. Adam Baldwin's favorite is seeing everyone in line last night and getting a cupcake.

1:19 Fillion fan memory: "I remember a woman who walked up to Joss and just started crying." Joss: "I kicked her." Fillion: "Well obviously, like this woman said you saved her life." Joss: "I touched her."

1:21 Fillion reveals he brought Mal's gun.

1:22 Are we going to get Inara's story in a comic? Joss revels A Shepherd's Tale is one of Dark Horse's best selling books. And there will be more stuff because Zak Whedon and Joss started talking about it and they have "crazy cool shit." So - yes, more comics, some going into the future.

1:24 Alan's sister made a painting of Joss protecting a firefly in a jar from scary Fox Suits. It's Joss' favorite piece of fan art and is apparently

1:25 Would Firefly ever be an animated series? Joss: "Actually, I thought radio show." Alan and Nathan improv a short radio drama about Mal hitting on Zoe.

1:27 Asian American asks if Joss will ever revisit the Chinese/English hybrid world with Asian actors. Joss answers seriously that it was a bit more complex than that, Nathan Fillion answers by suggesting Summer kind of looks Asian.

to me and apologize to me for seeing it on the DVD and I say: 'wait, you waited to watch the show until I was getting paid for it'."

1:31 Fan question: "Have you ever camped out over night for anything and if so what was it?" Joss: "Camping."

1:32 "If you would have known there would only be 1 season of Firefly, how would the finale have differed from Serenity?" Everyone oohs because the last question is a good one.

1:33 Joss said they would have delved more heavily into Blue Sun conspiracy which got cut from the movie, Book and Inara's stories would have been told and "I wouldn't have killed anyone." Alan Tudyk raises his arms in triumph.

1:35 What do the fans mean to you? Joss starts crying, Nathan starts crying, No one has to say anything, everyone gives a standing ovation.

1:38 Everyone is still standing. "The way in which you have inhabited this universe, you're living Firefly. When I see you guys, I don't think the show is off the air." Joss gets drowned out by slowly building cheers.