Fox's 25th Anniversary was certainly cause for celebration. Unfortunately, the event, which included the encore airings of the pilot episodes of Married with Children and The Simpsons, didn't win itself ratings worthy of the occasion. But given the usual Sunday night competition, that's not all that surprising.

Network TV alone has enough to offer TV viewers on Sunday nights, with Celebrity Apprentice, The Amazing Race, The Good Wife and Once Upon a Time among the offerings. TV Line posted the ratings, and it looks like The Good Wife came out on top, bringing in 10.3 million viewers with a 1.9 rating. Also for CBS, The Amazing Race didn't do so bad either, scoring 9.1 million viewers for its episode. Meanwhile, at NBC, Harry's Law earned 8.6 million viewers, while The Celebrity Apprentice took in 6.3 million. ABC's Once Upon a Time returned to an audience of 8.8 million viewers with a 2.9 rating.

By comparison to the above mentioned shows, Fox's numbers for its big birthday bash don't seem all that impressive. From what TV Line reports, 4.3 million viewers tuned in to watch the event, which was hosted by Ryan Seacrest, and featured appearances from various current and past Fox stars. About three million took a trip back in time to watch the re-airings of the pilot episodes of Married with Children and The Simpsons.

Factoring in the cable TV offerings last night, and the fact that we're in the thick of the Winter/Spring TV season, with most shows winding up as they approach their season finales, it seems probable that many viewers weren't willing to tear themselves away from their regularly scheduled programming to watch Fox celebrate its quarter-century mark.

The special may be available to watch on Fox's website, but I wasn't able to get the video to load or play. It is available to watch on Hulu Plus, however.

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