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Either Sean Bean is an incredible actor or he truly cares about Lord Eddard Stark, his character on HBO's Game of Thrones. Perhaps it's both because anyone who's been watching the first season of the George R.R. Martin adaptation knows the first is true and, after watching this interview I would wager the second is as well.

Okay, now that the lead paragraph is done, there are SPOILERS ahead. If you watched the latest episode ('Baelor') or have read the books (if you haven't, seriously, stop) you know that Bean's run on the show has come to an untimely end, with the decapitation and all, and it looks like we aren't the only ones sad to him go.

In this interview with MTV, Bean spills the, uh, beans, on Eddard's farewell, his reaction when first reading the novel and what it was like to shoot that final scene. I don't know about you but it seems pretty clear that Bean has genuine affection for his most noble character, honor being his fatal flaw, and seems sad that his time with Game of Thrones is over. Like I said, aren't we all?

But that's what happens when you stick your neck out and like Cersei said, when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. Viserys down, Robert down and now Eddard. How right she is...

For a full discussion of the devastating ninth episode, read Kelly's recap and be sure to tune in to HBO this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET for the finale. Winter is Coming.