Gleeks, last night elections were in full swing at McKinley High. Meanwhile Kurt got the most amazing internship ever with a famous Sex and the City actress. Let's recap, shall we?

I voted for Kodos

It's class election time and Blaine has decided to run against Brittany. In a twist, Brittany decides to choose Artie for her vice-president. Given Artie's intelligence, at first I thought Brittany had the election in the bag, especially once Blaine was saddled with the loveable, but dimwitted stripper Sam as his VP. But during the debate, moderated by Sue, Brittany goes off on a tangent about eliminating summer vacation and weekends. So, Brit pretty-much handed Blaine the election on a silver platter. and SJP

I have so missed seeing Sarah Jessica Parker on the small screen each week. (Sex and the City forever!) And I was thrilled to see her in another literally fashionable role. (SJP's dress was to die for.) Portraying Kurt's new boss, Isabelle Klempt, SJP and Kurt had so much chemistry. It was so much fun to see the two kindred spirits of fashion banter back and forth.

As much as I love Kurt's singing voice and theatrical performances, I completely agree with SJP that Kurt's true destiny is a career in fashion. Plus if he can meld music and fashion together in the form of videos (like the one with Rachel), I think our Kurt could truly have the best of both worlds. Besides like SJP pointed out "Who else could rock a hippo brooch?" And you know what else would be amazing? If he could cast Mercedes in some fashion promos. (I miss Mercedes.)

Brittany and Sam

At Breadstix, did you catch the booth snuggling between Sam and Brit? Hmm Santana better watch out. I think Brittany may be falling for the Macauley Culkin look-a-like.

Finn is back!

After a sexalicious makeover, Rachel appeared to be moving onto exploring a relationship with Brody. And predictably, just as things got steamy, there was a knock on the door. Knock! Knock! "Who's there?" Why Finn of course. And he is missing his uniform! So many questions. Did Finn drop out of the army? Does he want Rachel back? I hope we get answers next week.

Blue Ribbon Schue

Inspired to join the Blue Ribbon panel, and with Emma's support, Will turns in his application. Since we know Schue will get the position, I wonder if this will be the catalyst to push up the wedding?

Blurt Alert!

Things don't look good for our adorable couple "Blurt." Feeling left out of Kurt's new life, Blaine realizes he only came to McKinley High for Kurt. It also doesn't help matters when Kurt is dismissive of Blaine's enthusiasm regarding the election, instead choosing to talk about the fashion video. And the most dire warning sign was when Kurt hit the ignore button when Blaine tried to call him. Eek!

LOL Moments

Blaine calling Brittany out on her hair gel tyranny was great. I also loved Blaine and Kurt Skype watching television together.

Memorable quotes

Artie: "Sugar asked me out on a date. She invited me to go horseback riding. I'm just hoping it doesn't involve being towed."

Blaine: "Brittany S. Pierce in her last term accomplished absolutely nothing except plan a dinosaur-themed prom and ban the use of hair gel. Ladies and gentlemen, telling anyone what they can or can't put in their hair is disgusting. It's tyranny, my friends. Next thing you know, they'll start burning books. And then they'll probably start burning people, too." Brittany: "That's a lie."

Sam: "Hey dude, uh, now that you made me over, can I give you some advice?" Blaine: "Yeah, sure." Sam: "Lose the bow tie." Blaine: "What?" Sam: "Trust me. It makes you look uptight and a little like a young Orville Reddenbacher."

Music featured

"Everybody Wants to Rule the World"

"Celebrity Skin"

"Change Would Do You Good"

"The Way You Look Tonight/You're Never Fully Dressed

Gleeks, based on previews and the episode title "The Break Up," next week it doesn't look good for Blaine and Kurt. Fingers-crossed they can navigate the bump in the road. See you next week!

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